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What to consider when ordering furniture online

Ordering online can cause unnecessary anxiety and headaches, particularly if you don’t order online often.

There are different issues to consider, the logistics of moving the furniture into your home, the aesthetics of the product and whether it looks as good in real life as it did online.

At Bedsite, we understand that there are lots of things to think about when buying from us online. So we’ve put together a handy list of things to think about before ordering your furniture.

Make sure it’s the right product for you

It can be difficult to order furniture online, sometimes looking not quite as you expected when it’s delivered to your doorstep. The easiest way to make sure it’s the right product for you is to do some research.

On many products Bedsite offers in-depth photographs on what the actual product looks like. This can be particularly helpful when deciding on the specific colour or style of an item. It’s much easier to gauge whether or not you like the colour of a product from actual, comparable photos of the different options rather than just a colour chart.

Our products are separated into helpful, specific categories to help you get the right product for the right space and purpose. Decide what that new table will be used for and visit the right category for that product, whether it be a table for the office, the living room or the dining room.

Delivery from Bedsite

The delivery of a large item of furniture could be a stressful experience. The easiest way to avoid this is to make sure you’ve accurately measured the space that the furniture will occupy, as well as any doors or stairs that will need to be navigated to access that space.

If there are any specific obstacles that Bedsite should be made aware of, please do so at the earliest opportunity. If there are weight/height/parking restrictions, the property is an apartment or in a high-rise building or if access to the property is generally difficult. Knowing this important information before-hand will make the process of delivery a whole lot easier.

You can access a full list of delivery information on our website.

Check all relevant information before ordering

It sounds simple but it’s an easy mistake to make. For example, make sure you’ve selected the right size of bed, mattress and headboard. Check before ordering to see if the product you are ordering is available in a variety of colours, make sure you’re getting the colour you want!

Avoid disappointment by making sure all delivery, contact and payment information is correct and up to date.

Contact Bedsite for more information

If you have any doubts or reservations about ordering a product from Bedsite we would recommend getting in touch. Our friendly experts are on hand to ease any issues you may have during the ordering process to ensure you get the high-quality product you want.

For more information on any of Bedsite’s products or services don’t hesitate to contact us online or call us directly on 0161 639 0994.