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Deimos sofa from ROM Upholstery

ROM Deimos

Deciding which sofa Victoria and I were going to have in our lounge took some time after our previous bright orange ultra-modern leather sofa and chair. Above is a gallery of photos taken in our lounge this morning as we were trying to show a customer why the Deimos with the Vario suits us.

To start with it was the perfect size for our old home and has loads of seating space with and without the Vario unit out. Corner sofas are in vogue for the basic functional need for seating growing all the time and they can be really comfortable with the right fillings. The move to the new house made the Deimos less of a requirement in the room and more about the comfort.

When the Vario is away the sofa is a traditional corner sofa and very comfortable for sitting. When the Vario is out in addition to the chaise longues which  I enjoy stretching my legs out on it provides a large surface area to relax and lie about on. The Vario unit effectively doubles the seating space and removes the need for a footstool to be used in accompaniment to the sofa.

The Deimos is a well designed sofa and when the width or length can be adjusted by 20cm increments it makes it ideal for modern living. We have now had our sofa for about a year now and we’re delighted with our choice. When you sell upholstery and beds people always ask what I have so here is your answer (with the photos to accompany.) 🙂