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Pre Christmas Bed Delivery

This post is designed to give customers an insight in to our pre Christmas bed delivery service, as well as information on the other products we sell from furniture to upholstery and interiors.

Handmade bed with pre christmas delivery

For the traditional larger handmade bed manufacturers such as Hypnos and Millbrook, pre Christmas delivery is out of the question from about the third week in November. Even then it’s touch and go as to whether or not they can manufacture, get it to us and then we to you in the days leading up to the festive period. The beds and mattresses we sell are 99% of the time manufactured to order. Subsequently the only way customers can conceivably get delivery on a Hypnos or Millbrook bed or mattress pre Christmas from us is to order it prior to the cut off. We always have an extensive display of both manufacturers beds and mattresses on our Marple bed showroom floor. Our display is predominantly king size and occasionally we have a handful of stock of the most popular models.

In addition to the larger bed and mattress manufacturers, we also work with several smaller makers including National Bed Manufacturer of the Year award winners, Burgess Beds. Burgess along with our own Apple Beds are available, manufactured to order right up to the third week in December. In 2014 our express service which we offer from the smaller traditional handmade bed manufacturers will be supplemented by new associations with foam suppliers including Breasley. The increasing demand for foam mattresses is something I will be discussing in a future post.

Not just Pre Christmas Bed Delivery

Many of the furniture and interiors items which you see on Bedsite are also available on an express delivery. Our express service enables us to provide a two person delivery to your home within 7 working days. If you’d like to discuss any items in particular or would just like to make sure something is available from stock then call our Marple showroom on 0161 639 0994.

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European Furniture Delivery

European Furniture Delivery
quality hand made British manufacturing – European Furniture Delivery

Our European furniture delivery service extends from Dublin to Moscow, and from Athens to Helsinki. Whether you are looking for a new bed, mattress, sofa, furniture or other interiors products. British manufactured beds and furniture are amongst the finest quality at exceptional prices.

Quality British Made Beds & Furniture

Since Bedsite was launched we have had a steady and continual flow of enquiries from discerning European and International customers seeking British made beds and furniture. British and quality British market products which were once desirable and unattainable, they are now in demand, and logistically possible within budget for delivery right across Europe. Whereas once the prospect of buying a quality manufactured British bed from the UK for delivery to Switzerland, Croatia or Finland was unrealistic, today there is a choice of different delivery services for customers to select from.

3 Options for European furniture delivery

Currently we have three options for customer to select from when purchasing a Hypnos Bed (for example) for delivery to Switzerland.

Firstly, the two man white glove service. This is our premier service, and costs from £400 in addition to the price of the particular bed or mattress you have selected. The above price is based on a standard king size divan bed, with or without drawers. The delivery team will take the bed to the room of your choice, unwrap, remove the packaging before setting up. This leaves you to only put on your bed sheets and your new Hypnos Bed would be ready to use. The disadvantages of this service are found in the time-scale which can add on as much as four weeks in the worst case scenario to your delivery time-scale and of course you must consider your budget.

The second option is a two man delivery service to the room of your choice. This service costs in the region of £375, saving you very little on our premier European delivery service. It also suffers from similar delivery timescales as they depend upon grouped 2 person home delivery loads which have low frequency.

The third option for customers which is becoming increasingly popular is our kerbside delivery service. This costs between £200 and £250, and is a one person delivery to the kerbside. In the UK we are very much used to furniture being delivered to the room of choice. However, kerbside deliveries are more often than not the norm in continental Europe. The big disadvantage for customers is that they need to arrange for support for receiving delivery. Weekly deliveries means there is little difference in delivery times to a typical UK delivery.

Our delivery service to Europe and beyond has completed orders in Malta, Corfu, Croatia, Finland, Gibraltar, Australia, Namibia, Russia, France, Germany and the USA to name a few. Appropriate packaging from bags and boxes for furniture, beds and our other products ensures that what leaves the UK is what arrives with you in exactly the same condition wherever you are in the world. We also take out suitable insurance on all International and European furniture delivery services just in case.

For more information on our European furniture delivery and bed delivery information please contact our Marple showroom either through our contact us form or on 0044 (0) 161 639 0994.

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Bed Size Chart – Colour Coding

Bed and Mattress by colour

Adopting best practices within any industry inevitably takes time. The NBF idea of labeling mattress sizes by colour is one of these which we support and over the coming months we’ll be implementing this throughout our point of sale online and in our bed showroom in Warrington.

The simplicity of the chart can be seen below and whilst this is predominantly useful for stock management and our delivery team, the value to the consumer of this information is significant. NBF members and the bed trade in the UK as a whole works towards standardised sizing of single, double, king size and super king size beds, mattresses, headboards, fitted sheets and so on. From making sure your new headboard will fit on your bed to mattress fitting your bed frame, the ability to respond to colours along with sizes should remove doubt and confusion from customers minds.

The chart below will become more visible across our website over the coming weeks and months.

Bed Size Pantone Reference CMYK Print Makeup (%) RGB Print Makeup
Single 278C C – 44
M – 23
Y – 0
K – 0
R – 140
G – 180
B – 232
Double 032C C – 4
M – 95
Y – 76
K – 1
R – 244
G – 42
B – 65
King 375C C – 53
M – 0
Y – 100
K – 0
R – 135
G – 211
B – 0
Super King 1375C C – 0
M – 49
Y – 100
K – 0
R – 255
G – 154
B – 0