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Corndell Bedroom Furniture

Lovell Oak Dining from Corndell

Corndell Bedroom Furniture

British manufactured quality free standing bedroom furniture is what Corndell do very well. Their Nimbus and more recently launched Annecy ranges are manufactured at their Witney factory in Oxfordshire. Both ranges are available in a variety of finishes, and with accompanying living and dining pieces can provide significant flexibility for modern day living.

Quality UK made bedroom furniture

The “well known in the trade” UK manufacturers of bedroom furniture include Harrison Brothers, Welcome Furniture, Corndell (of course) and Kingstown Furniture. What distinguishes Corndell from the others is that they are household furniture manufacturers. The other UK manufacturers of bedroom furniture are specialists in free standing bedroom furniture. This invariably means that they have a different approach to both the manufacturing and design process. The demand for the aforementioned manufacturers to come up with extensive collections, at the best possible price is significant. Corndell Furniture on the other hand are focused towards their overall furniture principles. With Nimbus, as an example, including dining, living and office along with bedroom furniture. Whilst Corndell cannot compete when it comes to variety, when you have two outstanding UK made ranges is it really necessary to make 20-30 ranges?

Corndell Bedroom Furniture in our Marple Showroom

We display Corndell bedroom furniture in our Marple showroom along with products from Welcome Furniture, Harrison Brothers and Kingstown Furniture. Free standing bedroom furniture whereas once was dominant is now seen as the alternative to fitted. The main motivations for free standing furniture are based around whether or not you see yourself as living in your current home long term. So if you’re renting, see yourself upwardly mobile on the housing ladder or might move with work then free standing bedroom furniture is the only viable option. The advantage stretches of course way beyond this simplistic perspective. From a design and function perspective fitted furniture is both liberating and rigid. Maximising storage space with what can be clever design at the time can then be a frustration should you wish to alter room layout or do something as simple as buy a new bed.

We don’t currently offer a fitted furniture service, however should you be interested in any of the free standing ranges including Corndell Bedroom Furniture then call us on 0161 639 0994 or drop in to the showroom.

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G Plan Cabinets, Pioneering Furniture

Distinctively G Plan

G-Plan is one of, if not the only defining UK furniture brand. Their pioneering ranges of furniture in the post-war period became symbolic for aspirational Britannia. In the trade the mere mention of the “Saddle Set” or “World’s Most Comfortable Chair” evoke memories of a bygone era when independent furniture businesses thrived on the high street. Design was of course a major factor in the early success and rise to prominence of the G Plan brand. The hook however was aspiration. By making designs available for several years, customers could slowly collect pieces from the ranges. If you don’t have to buy all in one go then you could afford to buy G Plan. Then purchase as and when additional pieces to compliment your existing furniture without the fear that it would be quickly discontinued.

G Plan Cabinets in 2013 and beyond

G Plan Cabinets as the premier brand in the Morris Group continues to extol the virtues of the past. At times the brand has sought to pay homage to the past in the shape of the “New Fresco” range. Today, however G Plan Cabinets is fixed on the principles of the past.  Design and aspiration with furniture ranges of quality. The successful ranges have inevitably stuck, so for customers purchasing Heritage six or seven years ago, the range has stuck and expanded. Other ranges however have not stayed the course and become obsolete very quickly. Whilst it is the desire for G Plan to create only ranges which work, they are also keen to move on from ranges which don’t.

If you’d like assurances on whether a G Plan Cabinets range will be around for the medium to long term then call our Marple Furniture Showroom on 0161 639 0994.

If you’d like to know more about G Plan’s history then there is a book by Basil Hyman and Steven Braggs titled, “GThe G-Plan Revolution: A Celebration of British Popular Furniture of the 1950s and 1960s”.

For more information on our current display of G Plan Cabinet Furniture, call our showroom on 0161 639 0994.

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Marple Furniture Showroom

Premier Marple Furniture Showroom

Appleyard Interiors is the premier furniture showroom in Marple. With displays from the UK’s best furniture, upholstery and bed manufacturers including Corndell, Wade Upholstery, Hypnos & Sealy as well as our very own Apple Beds.

Furniture showroom at Goyt Mill

Located at Goyt Mill, customers can access the showroom through the main Goyt Mill car park, which is located on Sunwell Terrace, off Upper Hibbert Lane in Marple. When you step through our double doors you’re immediately involved, amongst an eclectic mix of furniture and interiors, against the backdrop of a giant former cotton mill. Natural light pours through the skylight windows which were carefully replaced during the renovation, and reveal an exclusive aspect of Goyt Mill for browsing customers.

2 Furniture showrooms in 1

Whilst the front section of the showroom is naturally lit from above, the rear is located within the heart of the mill itself. Warming lights over our bed, mattress and upholstery displays offer a pleasant setting for customers to wander. Furniture showrooms can often be fairly stale and cold environments. Our Marple furniture showroom is warming and full of character. Retaining the character of the setting was absolutely key for us. The homes we live in are always defined by the era in which they are built, and from there we furnish, design and adapt to our own individual ideas for modern living.

Marple Furniture Showroom Opening Hours

At the time of writing the furniture showroom is officially open during the week, Monday to Friday from 10am until 5pm. We’re normally there from just before 9am so if you want to take a look around first thing in the morning give us a call on 0161 639 0994 to make sure. Saturdays are currently from 11am until 4pm and we are closed on Sundays. The plans for 2014 are for the showroom to be available 7 days with a late night during the week. Please refer to our showroom page on the site to keep up to date on times. We’ll also update our details on our facebook and foursquare pages when any changes are made.

Should you have any questions about what we have on display or would like to speak to someone in the showroom please call on 0161 639 0994.

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The benefits of a king size Millbrook bed

Millbrook Bed Ortho Spectrum 2000

King Size Millbrook Bed

Millbrook Bed Ortho Spectrum 2000
The Ortho Spectrum 2000 is a firm Millbrook bed

To appreciate the benefits of a king size Millbrook bed we are going to discuss the unique aspects of Millbrook beds for the coming year, why you should consider king size over a double, and the benefits of handmade beds.

For 2014 all king size Millbrook beds will be manufactured with a North – South split base. This practise is generally reserved for top end ranges of handmade bed manufacturers such as the Hypnos and their Regency range. Millbrook in standardising this practise for all divan bases from small double (4ft x 6ft3in) are demonstrating a clear commitment to quality and best manufacturing practise.

Millbrook beds in 2014 will also only be available in exclusive independent bed showrooms across the UK. Both Paul Simon and Furniture Village will continue to sell Millbrook beds with the latter under the Handmade Bed Company branding. Our Marple (Stockport) showroom will display an extensive range of Millbrook beds and mattresses, providing customers with a destination to try king size Millbrook beds before you buy in the North West.

The desire for more sleeping space increases each year and the popularity of a king size bed increases in comparison to the standard double. Whilst UK bedrooms are the smallest amongst our European counterparts, we see our sleeping space as equally important. “Quali” or quality of life is much improved by the quality of sleep which we get as individuals. The smaller the sleeping space the greater the possibility of disturbance through the night. In addition to disturbance, the comfort of knowing you have more space can make a significant difference to your sleeping pattern. The benefits of a king size Millbrook bed over a double can be found in 6 inches additional width and 3 inches additional length.

Handmade beds are manufactured behind the principals of working with spring systems and fillings to create the best possible night’s sleep. Natural fillings including cotton, wool, cashmere, pashmina and silk are commonly used in conjunction (in the main) with pocket springs to create a luxurious, comfortable and supportive night’s sleep. The differences between models is found in the varying combinations of spring systems and fillings which when combined can create significant differences in comfort dynamics. The number of springs and fillings vary from model to model, as they do in size. So when it comes to fillings and springs, the benefits of a king size Millbrook bed over a double must be viewed in context.

If you’re interested in looking at a king size Millbrook bed then why not look at the Millbrook Ortho Spectrum 2000 King Size Divan Bed.

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Corner Sofas – Feeling Cornered

Corner Sofas
Corner Sofas available from Bedsite including the Fantasia from Buoyant Upholstery

Our corner sofa collection includes contemporary designs such as the Fantasia (shown above from Buoyant Upholstery) and the ROM Deimos. The Deimos is a uniquely made-to-measure model which is based on 20 cm increments, and has a selection of options including chairs, electric recliners and a sofa bed.

All of our corner sofas can be viewed online, and we also have a selection available for customers to come and try in our Marple showroom. Click for details of our showroom. The Fantasia model above (at the time of writing 31/10/2013) is one such model, and includes the footstool as shown. The Fantasia above is shown as an L2 – Corner – R1 + Stool with the arm on the left hand facing. The specifics of which way around the stool or arm is will depend of course on your room layout.  Using helpful graphics we we have tried to simplify this for customers purchasing online. If you’d like some help when laying out your room please don’t hesitate to call our sales office. We can also send out fabric samples to you for help when selecting curtains or to just make sure the fabric works in your room.

Why Corner Sofas?

Corner sofas provide you with the opportunity to put seating in a space which in the past has only been used for a corner cabinet. Whilst they’ll hardly make corner cabinets obsolete (1 corner down, 3 to go!), they primarily optimise seating within your living space. Whereas once upon a time it was all about having the chair with the stool, when you have a corner sofas it is all about sitting in the corner and stretching out.

The majority of corner arrangements come from contemporary backgrounds, based on a modular concept. Vale-Bridgecraft are one of a few upholstery manufacturers in the UK whom have taken the corner sofa concept and applied it to traditional styles. We stock several Vale-Bridgecraft suites in our Marple showroom, and they can also be seen and sat on in a selection of manufacturer showrooms up and down the country.

Whether you’re preference is contemporary, classical or a more traditional look we’re confident that we’ll have a corner sofa for you.

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Compact Oak Furniture – Corndell Nimbus

Compact Oak Furniture

Compact oak furniture has been thoughtfully designed in the shape of the Corndell Nimbus range. It offers a stylish and practical solution to living & dining room storage.

Manufactured from European oak and selected veneers, all handmade in the UK, this compact oak furniture range is firstly a modern collection. Nimbus is a compact oak furniture range available in four finishes; satin, mist, oiled and dark.

Across the range, a simple, contemporary style is ever present.  The Nimbus range is based around three principles.

  • Practical         –  A practical solution to all your furnishing requirements
  • Variety           –  Personalize to suit your lifestyle
  • Durability       –  Handmade from Oak

Compact oak furniture is becoming more and more popular. The key is the combination of style and versatility within a confined space. The ever present theme of the UK having the smallest homes in the developed world ensures that this type of furniture will always be heavily sought after.

Compact Oak Furniture
Compact Oak Furniture

Furnishing any home is complex balancing act within the confines of tight budgets. We offer an ongoing deal across all of our Corndell furniture ranges. If you buy 3 or more pieces then we provide an additional discount in conjunction with a single delivery. The Corndell Nimbus Compact oak furniture range makes it all easier to put this type of order together because of its sheer flexibility. As a stand out collection it  can contrast easily within a classical living space and of course naturally fits within a contemporary setting.

Well proportioned compact oak furniture

The Nimbus compact oak furniture range is well proportioned with a wide choice of pieces combining style with excellent storage and display space. For example the triple glazed display cabinet with adjustable drawer sections has internal lighting to highlight display pieces. The lockable doors and toughened glass shelves and doors provide a functionality which is supported by other pieces from the range including: TV and hi-fi cabinets, extendible dining tables, cupboards and more.

When speaking with the design team the phrase which constantly comes us is “perfect for small apartments”. With that in mind it is clear that furniture manufacturing in the UK is more than aware of compact homes. As space shrinks the furniture is becoming smaller in size but more practical. Multi-purpose furniture stylish furniture is fast becoming a preferred choice.

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Hypnos Pillow Turn & Pocket Latex Beds – The NBF Bed Show 2012

The new Pillow Turn and Pocket Latex beds and mattresses from Hypnos continue their  trend from the past few years, very high quality hand made beds which are affordable in the context of the top end of the bed market.

The 2012 NBF bed show represented an interesting time for the 2011 Bed Manufacturer of the Year. In the knowledge that it was unlikely that any manufacturer could win this award two years in a row the challenge for Hypnos was to come up with something which would be definitive. If the surprise was their concise representation in displaying only 5 beds on their stand, the exceptional quality and story for each bed was what we have come to expect.

Hypnos already work closely in partnership with Latex International so when considering this relationship and the success of their current latex models; Pillow Top Sublime and Orthos Latex, producing a dedicated latex collection was always going to be a possibility.

The new range models are as follows;

  • Hypnos Latex Superb
  • Hypnos Latex Supreme
  • Hypnos Latex Deluxe

Latex collections have become increasingly popular for hand made bed manufacturers whose desire has been to work away from the density and heat retention of memory foam. The Pocket Latex Collection has a universally excellent feel and whilst when combined with the Pillow Turn models the addition of 5 more new models to the existing range provides yet more models to go at for the Hypnos customer their reward will be choice amongst excellence.

The Pillow Turn models are a unique concept in so far as they have been designed to be turnable pillow tops. We will display these models within our Pillow Top Collection although they should not be confused with the existing range. The Pillow Top Luxury Turn and Pillow Top Pocket Turn are mattresses with zip on pillow tops which can be interchanged between each side. In other words the mattress can be turned over and the pillow top unzipped then re-zipped on to the other side once turned. This is an innovative approach from Hypnos and has been developed and currently the two models are the only turnable pillow top beds in the market.

As always we will continue to display the complete range of Hypnos beds from each of their collections. We will display the new models online to accompany the existing Heritage, Pillow Top, Orthos, Headboards & Bases and Trio Guest Bed.

Over the coming days we will be adding the new models to Bedsite and encourage you to view the entire Hypnos range.

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Parker and Farr Upholstery – Get Inside

There is little more you need to know about a piece of furniture and its manufacturer than to see its cross section. Today’s visit to the JDP Group showroom and the Parker + Farr display provided us with an opportunity to inside the UK’s most refined upholstery manufacturer.

Under the stewardship of Norma Kerry who is passing the mantle of MD of this the most prestigious Long Eaton manufacturer to Tony Crinion, Parker + Farr have pushed the boundaries of fine furnishings.

Presenting a product “cheese” has existed for years, although as products have had to become more competitive in terms of price, manufacturers have become more reluctant to provide this level of detail. The exceptions are the manufacturers with quality to boast about, although this has felt a little reserved for the bedding arm of the furniture trade, from Vi-Spring to Burgess Beds.

Parker + Farr are welcoming back the upholstery cheese.

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The sofa bed solution

The word solution always seems to conjure up notions of spurious professional services which have been re-branded to make them appear as though they’re an actual product. Unlike these services our sofa bed solution is the Maddox from Buoyant Upholstery. The reason for the term solution in this is because this is exactly what it has been to many of our customers with limited space and need of an extra bed for guests.

Why the Maddox?

Firstly it is a compact corner sofa – of course the chaise can be switched to be right or left hand facing. Secondly it is the variation in fabric and trim options, which will make your sofa bed selection adaptable to your living space. Thirdly the chaise side has a lift up storage feature, which is ideal for bedding, whilst leaving room for other things. Finally the contemporary design and simplicity make this our number one selection for a new sofa bed.

Buoyant Upholstery have a full 2 year warranty on all of their products and delivery is usually 4-6 weeks.

Please note: We have had customers select the Maddox without considering which way around they actually would like the chaise. Please consider your room layout before ordering. If you would like to change any details on your please notify us as quickly as possible.

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Morris Furniture Group launches 5 new websites – Morris, G Plan Cabinets, Zone, Relaxateeze and Morris Contract Furniture

5 new websites for Morris Group

Morris Furniture Group

Over the last couple of days the Morris Furniture Group has successfully launched 5 new websites for; Morris Furniture, G Plan Cabinets, Zone Furniture, Relaxateeze and Morris Contract Furniture. All of the sites, barring that for Contracts have come with similarly stylish and professional user friendly designs. The Morris Furniture Group has spanned three generations of the Morris Family and has been offering unrivalled quality of design, planning, manufacture and service since 1904. Morris Furniture Group are the UK’s largest independent cabinet furniture manufacturer, supplying the domestic, office, educational and contract marketing sectors.

For us as stockists of all 4 Morris brands; G Plan, Morris, Relaxateeze and Zone, these sites provide customers the opportunity to browse for their local stockists (including us if you’re near Gemini Park, Warrington) and find detailed specifications including dimensions.


The Morris Furniture bedroom collection has three ranges to choose from; Avenue, Grange & Orleans which are a collection of light and dark wood finishes. Each of the ranges include both double and kingsize beds and in addition there are wardrobes, chests, mirrors and other bedroom furniture pieces to complete the collections.

Morris Furniture carefully selects raw materials for all of their dining and bedroom furniture collections. The Morris Furniture Living & Dining collection has seven ranges to choose from; Artisan, Eclipse, Madison, Merlot, Sovereign, Storm & Windsor which are a collection of light and dark wood finishes.Variations in grain or colour are part of the natural beauty of wood and over time the colours and shades will bend with the patina of age.

G Plan Cabinets Furniture:

G plan produces furniture of great quality, comfort and durability with a contemporary style in mind, bedsite stocks 4 different types of g plan furniture, these are:  Living room furniture, Bedroom furniture, Dining room furniture & Occasional furniture. All of seven ranges monet, rembrandt, gainsbourgh, matisse,  heritage, davenport & picasso are made from the finest quality solid and all are made to a high quality specification.


Relaxateeze is part of the Morris Furniture Group. Over a century old, the Group has spanned three generations of the Morris Family and has been offering unrivalled quality of design, planning, manufacture and service since 1904. Relaxateeze have utilised their experience to produce the most comfortable, practical and durable chairs and sofas.

Relaxateeze go by “comfort in action” using appropriate science technology to achieve a supportive comfort. There are four ranges by Relaxateeze: Accent, Action, Sofa Beds and Swivel.

Zone Furniture:

Zone Furniture is a collection of contemporary living and dining furniture for modern living. Simple designs are highlighted with bold details as each range has a unique look whilst catering for the different pieces you might need in your home. The styles are stunning and the colours from Oak to Walnut offer something special for every home.


5 new websites from Morris Group
Morris Group Furniture