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Octaspring Mattress Review

What type of springs are in your mattress?

When looking to do an Octaspring mattress review my immediate thoughts are to consider whether we could contemplate a future where springs are no longer made from metal. When Dormeo decided to run with the Octaspring range of beds they were inadvertently asking themselves the same question. As none of their models contain any metal then we have their answer. All of the research is also pointing towards a trend towards foam and away from metal as the primary component. That Octaspring have chosen to model their concept on foam springs is interesting because all other foam concepts are based on ‘block’ concepts with cut outs for breath-ability. Only time will tell whether foam springs become popular and the acid test will inevitably be whether other manufacturers chose to follow down Octasprings path.

Octaspring Mattress Review

Of the four models in the Octaspring range the 8500 & 8000 top end models both have a medium feel whilst the 6500 & 5500 have a firmer feel. The 8500 as the flagship model is only available from independent retailers and direct from Octaspring whilst the other models have “sister” variants which are available at Dreams stores. ┬áCustomer preference has been towards the 8500 for the luxury feel at a lower price than Dreams are selling their 8000 variant. As with any mattress selection personal preference is the most critical element when purchasing from the Octaspring range. The difference is that Octaspring offer a trial through their retailer network which we partake in. If you are not satisfied with the feel of your new Octaspring then you can change for another in the range or alternatively chose from one of the other manufacturers we work with.

Alternative mattresses to Octaspring

From the new Geltex concept (Sealy & Silentnight) to handmade beds from Hypnos and Millbrook, our Octaspring mattress review doesn’t exist within a vacuum. Octaspring have launched within the market as an alternative to Tempur. Similar price points, marketing approach and ambitions, not to mention many of the old Tempur team are helping to drive the global Octaspring brand. Octaspring as a concept can be seen immediately as next generation Tempur, even following the launch earlier this year of Tempur’s new range. Air flow is the key advantage and the ability to touch and feel an actual Octaspring in store presents customers With Sealy (the world’s leading bed and mattress brand) planning an all foam product for the UK market to be launched in 2014 it is clear that consumer awareness will increase which can only be good for Octaspring. Traditional handmade beds and volume machine mattresses will inevitably see market share lost to new concepts over the coming years. In terms of look and feel, as our quality of life becomes a point of increasing awareness, Octaspring and other premium mattress manufacturers will surely see market share grow.

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