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Pre Christmas Bed Delivery

This post is designed to give customers an insight in to our pre Christmas bed delivery service, as well as information on the other products we sell from furniture to upholstery and interiors.

Handmade bed with pre christmas delivery

For the traditional larger handmade bed manufacturers such as Hypnos and Millbrook, pre Christmas delivery is out of the question from about the third week in November. Even then it’s touch and go as to whether or not they can manufacture, get it to us and then we to you in the days leading up to the festive period. The beds and mattresses we sell are 99% of the time manufactured to order. Subsequently the only way customers can conceivably get delivery on a Hypnos or Millbrook bed or mattress pre Christmas from us is to order it prior to the cut off. We always have an extensive display of both manufacturers beds and mattresses on our Marple bed showroom floor. Our display is predominantly king size and occasionally we have a handful of stock of the most popular models.

In addition to the larger bed and mattress manufacturers, we also work with several smaller makers including National Bed Manufacturer of the Year award winners, Burgess Beds. Burgess along with our own Apple Beds are available, manufactured to orderĀ right up to the third week in December. In 2014 our express service which we offer from the smaller traditional handmade bed manufacturers will be supplemented by new associations with foam suppliers including Breasley. The increasing demand for foam mattresses is something I will be discussing in a future post.

Not just Pre Christmas Bed Delivery

Many of the furniture and interiors items which you see on Bedsite are also available on an express delivery. Our express service enables us to provide a two person delivery to your home within 7 working days. If you’d like to discuss any items in particular or would just like to make sure something is available from stock then call our Marple showroom on 0161 639 0994.