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5 ways to improve your sleeping environment

5 ways to improve your sleeping environment

Do you have trouble sleeping? Are you waking up in the night? Perhaps you wake up with an aching back, an aching neck or a generally stiff body?

You may want to consider changing your bed, your mattress and indeed your whole sleeping environment and routine.

Here at Bedsite, we have extensive experience within the bed and furniture industry and, as a result, have provided 5 ways you can improve your night’s sleep.

Getting a good night’s sleep

Ensure a spacious environment

Make sure you have a bedroom that is not full of clutter and emphasises the space that you have in your room. You can do this by using a light coloured paint on the walls, purchasing a bed and bedroom furniture that does not take up too much room, as well as clearing out any unwanted items you have.

This can help you feel much more calm and relaxed in your bedroom space. Bedsite have a number of calming interior accessories that can help you make the most of your bedroom space, such as a coat stand or relaxing Buddha canvas print.

Change your mattress

An old or uncomfortable mattress could be causing you discomfort and disturbing your sleep, without you even realising the cause behind your problem.

As a general rule, mattresses should be changed every 8 years for optimum performance and to avoid any bodily aches and pains after a night’s sleep.

At Bedsite, we have an extensive range of innovative, comfortable mattresses that can help you get the best night’s sleep possible.

Make sure you are comfortable in your bed

A comfortable bed can make all the difference when it comes to having a good night’s sleep. We have a range of high-quality beds that you can purchase to help improve your sleep quality. Our beds are not only aesthetically-pleasing, they are extremely comfortable and great value. We have options in a variety of sizes and styles, allowing you to find the bed that’s perfect for you.


Using a phone or watching a TV in the bedroom can both be detrimental to your sleep quality. The bright lights from our screens stimulate our brains which can affect melatonin, a hormone that is necessary for a quality night’s sleep. Studies have shown that reading a book during the last hour before bed is a far better option than watching television or using a phone. Your sleep environment is for sleep, try and avoid bringing work or food into the bedroom.


Getting into a consistent sleep routine is a great way to improve your sleep quality. You’ve got the right mattress and the right bed but if you aren’t keeping to a consistent schedule you will not truly feel the benefits of the Bedsite products. Avoid alcohol, nicotine and caffeine that can interfere with sleep and try to create an environment that promotes sleep. Eliminate natural light with blackout blinds, heavy curtains or an eye mask.

Learn more about our range of beds

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