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Go the Duvalay Way and try the new Hilary Devey Collection

Stepping into the National Bed Federation’s Bed Show, we were quickly greeted by familiar faces loyal to some of the best bed manufacturers we deal with – Burgess Beds, Millbrook, and Hypnos beds (to name a few!). While we like to engage with our current existing manufacturers at these events, we do like to be inspired by upcoming manufacturers offering a high quality product – and of course become acquainted with their history and their vision for the future.

Michael and I were met by the beaming and enthusiastic Liz, brimming with confidence in Duvalay’s bed products and understandably their achievements. The new Hilary Devey collection by Duvalay has a unique story behind its origin. A fan of Dragon’s Den? In 2011, Liz and Alan (founders of Duvalay) embarked on a journey to pitch their business objectives to the Dragons and captured the attention of Hilary Devey – who has a renowned passion for luxurious home interiors (as well as logistics!). Upon first entering the bedding world with their original Duvalay portable mattress-topper concept, the husband and wife team realised their potential to tap into the Home bedding industry. Their demonstrable success and the determination, passion and enthusiasm for their future and projected growth of Duvalay, won the heart of Hilary. Together they formulated and developed a beautiful bed collection, offering 5-star luxury at affordable prices – the “Hilary Devey collection”.

The Hilary Devey collection

The Hilary Devey collection consists of 5 mattresses to choose from, 2 of which are pillow top mattresses: Topaz; Diamond; Diamond Luxe; Sapphire – Pillow top; and Emerald – Pillow top.

Each bed has pocketed springs secured by traditional hand-side stitching, topped with differing levels of luxurious bed fillings, depending on the bed specification. Regardless of which bed and respective specification you choose, each filling within the mattress is beautifully balanced to provide a “natural” comforting role. Already gaining momentum, one model from the range “Diamond” has been named the number one bed on the market by the Independent. The Diamond – consisting of 2000 nested pocket springs and layers of finest natural fillings, featuring a Summer side (Cotton) and Winter side (Wool, Cashmere) – offers supreme quality and comfort for any customer.

Duvalay offer a 10 year warranty on beds within their Hilary Devey collection. Should any manufacturing defects occur with your mattress within the first 5 years, Duvalay will repair or replace your product free of charge. For the proceeding years, a scaling warranty applies based on usage.

We were very impressed by the product and what it offers to our customers. So I urge you to consider to go the “The Duvalay Way” and come to our showroom to try the new Hilary Devey collection. The products can be seen and purchased online here: Duvalay