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How often should you replace your mattress?

Millbrook Bed Ortho Spectrum 2000

As a family-run business that has been involved in the furniture trade since 1879, at Bedsite, we like to think of ourselves as experts in the furniture industry. Having owned multiple stores and now proving a leading UK online supplier of beds and mattresses, we are extremely passionate about the furniture trade and ensure we keep up to date with both modern furniture products and furniture trade news.

Millbrook Bed Ortho Spectrum 2000

Because we understand that the real value is in the quality of the goods, we sell furniture from some of the world’s finest brands. However, when it comes to your mattress, its quality can easily deteriorate if you don’t replace it regularly. So how often should you replace your mattress, and what are the warning signs that your mattress might need replacing?

Replacing your mattress

If you have owned your mattress for longer than eight years, then you should definitely be considering buying a new mattress and replacing your old one. After approximately eight years, a mattress will naturally start to lose the shape and comfort it once had. After all, we may not realise it, but we generally spend a fairly high percentage of our time on our mattress, and investing in a new one to replace an old and tired mattress, offers numerous benefits to our health.

How can replacing your mattress improve your health and wellbeing?

How many people do you know complain that they’ve got a bad back, and are experiencing back pain? Do you have a sore back yourself? Or perhaps another body part is suffering from aches and pains? Perhaps one solution may be investing in a new mattress?

Even high-quality mattresses will undoubtedly become worn, and are prone to ageing and losing the shape and comfort they once had. Mattresses that are older than eight years may not give the support your body needs during rest and, you never know, this could cause you aches and pains or, indeed, make existing pain worse.

For example, some people may wake up in the morning feeling stiff and uncomfortable, which may be a sign that you should change your mattress to improve your night’s sleep. Additionally, if you have a better night’s sleep when you are on holiday, perhaps when you’re staying in a hotel or B&B, it may be that your mattress at home needs replacing. Okay, so we’re not promising that a new mattress is a miracle cure for that pulled muscle or aching limb, however, a new mattress may just provide a more solid, comfortable structure to sleep on, to help ease your aches and pains.

Layers of fillings in Millbrook beds

Other indications that your mattress needs changing

Changing your mattress every eight years is only a guideline figure and, ultimately, many people will need to change their mattress sooner. If your body shape has changed dramatically, for example, you’ve suddenly got lighter or heavier, then your existing mattress may no longer provide you with the comfort and support you now need (this is often the case with children!)

What’s more, if your partner gets uncomfortable in bed, then you should look for a new mattress that suits you both, as a couple. At Bedsite, we’ve got a number of double mattresses and king-size mattresses available that may significantly improve both yours and your partner’s quality of sleep.

Finally, visible signs of ageing in the mattress (like sticking-out springs, dips and bulges), as well as unwelcome creaks and noises, are all signs that your mattress needs replacing!

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